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Exploring Type Classes in Nimrod

Nimrod's type classes appear simple, flexible, powerful and far superior to interfaces in their design. Read More ↝

FreeBSD Jails using ZFS and bsdinstall

The new bsdinstall installer and ZFS make it particularly easy to create and deploy FreeBSD Jails. This hands-on tutorial will get you familiar with manually configuring and starting a jail. Read More ↝

Exploring Clay - Type Inference and Generic Functions

A high level introduction to type inference and generic functions in the Clay programming language. Read More ↝

Benchmarking FreeNAS on the HP MicroServer

The HP MicroServer makes for a fast FreeNAS box. Read More ↝

Asus Laptop Review - The NX90JQ-B2

One of the largest and shiniest laptops on the market, this powerful machine is really one of a kind. Read More ↝

An alternative lambda syntax for Python

A syntax proposal for Python that would replace the use of lambdas as function keyword values. Read More ↝

An Except-Assign statement for Python

A syntax proposal for Python that describes how an 'except' operator would work. Read More ↝